Philosophy and Goals

Our Mission is:

Sparking a sense of wonder and joy so children can thrive in our community.

Our Vision is 

We envision an early years community of caring; one that recognizes and supports lifelong learning for children, families, and educators.  We believe in environments that are joyful and engaging, where supportive relationships and collaborative experiences are at the core of everyday practice.

We value:

  • Children and childhood

  • The role of parents/guardians as the primary educators for children

  • The involvement of parents/guardians in Society 

  • Caring and trained educators

  • Reflective and ethical practice

  • Inclusive environments

  • Connection to nature and community

  • Collaboration with community partners


We follow the Early Childhood Educators of B.C Code of Ethics.

Early Childhood Educators;

  • We promote the health and well-being of children
  • We provide high quality early care and learning environment for all children by drawing on specialized knowledge, educator and diverse perspectives 
  • We demonstrate caring and compassion for all children through responses and reciprocal relationships 
  • We work in partnership with families supporting them in meeting their responsibilities to their children.
  • We establish and maintain respectful partnerships colleagues allied professionals, community partners and decision makers to support the well being of children and their families.
  • We work in ways that affirm and enhance human dignity, respect fundamental human rights and celebrate difference and diversity. 
  • We maintain the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness needed to be professionally competent
  • We prioritize our personal health and well being.
  • We demonstrate integrity and respect in our professional relationships
  • We advocate that our profession is vital to establishing healthy and resilient communities.